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A journey  from Transvaalwijk (The Hague) 1958 to the area Buytenwegh and Noordhove Zoetermeer....  2016

In 1957, my brother Ton, build my first pigeon cove from a box in which oranges were packed on the Market of The Hague.  My first pigeon was captured by the neighbour from across the road.  In those days you never got your pigeons back.  The ‘big’ men either took them to Dorus ( De Zwarte Vogel) or kept them.

De Zwarte Vogel -translated The Black Bird- or Dorus (as it is well known in The Netherlands),  world famous in the Netherlands, is a pigeon shop which I used to visit often, and still do, as it was only 100 meter down the road – Schalk Burgerstraat in The Hague -  where I lived.

The first photo on my homepage is from 1958.  A friend from down the road, made the cove. During those years nails were used over and over again and every small piece of wood were treasured.  The pigeons were also fed with ‘cheap’ fodder such as beans with the inevitable results such as a shortage of vitamins etc.

I always used one of my pigeons as a means of irritation for the ‘big’ men.  Before I left for school in the morning, I used to let one male pigeon out so that he could  pester them.  That became a type of ‘sport’ in The Hague.

Later my brother and I, each had our own proper pigeon cove on the balcony.  Sadly I do not have a picture of this.  We were on the balcony every day.  The sky was filled with pigeons and we always knew whose pigeons they were as they flew by.

Lastly, during the 90’s I used to take part in competitions here in Zoetermeer.  The association for Pigeons here in Zoetermeer has unfortunately stopped its activity.

Over the years, pigeons have given me much pleasure and therefore I have them now for the exact same reason. My best ‘pigeon’ (…) likes them too, lucky me.

Last but nor least. I collect pigeon rings so......

Have a happy flight, enjoy your hobby and thanks for visiting my website.

Rob Kettmann


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